Rotated Pipelayer

The HGY-R series rotated pipelayer is mainly applied in the construction of oil and natural gas pipeline, which belongs to the special equipment for transportation, pipe distribution, group matching and trench construction conditions. The chassis is a special hydraulic chassis developed on the basis of mature excavator technology. The driving system adopts hydrostatic transmission mode, which has small impact on starting and stopping, it can realize in-situ steering. Compared with the traditional, the equipment transfer does not need to remove the big arm and counterweight, improving the transfer efficiency.

Item Unit Parameter
Model - HGY90R HGY45R
Max Lifting Capacity t 90 45
Total Weight t 54.5 35
Host Machine Dimension(L×W×H)  mm 13000×3200×3750 12033×3330×3192
Max Gradeability ° 58 58
Host Machine Weight t 54.5 32
Engine Rated Power kW 298 205
Rated Speed rpm 2100 2000
Walking System Transmission Mode - Hydraulic-Mechanical Transmission  Hydraulic-Mechanical Transmission 
Operation Mode - Pilot Joystick/Remote Control Pilot Joystick
Theoretical Speed Forward km/h 0~6 0~5.1
Reserve km/h 0~6 0~5.1
Track Gauge mm 2400-3400 2630
Width-Track Shoe  mm 800 700
No. of Support Rollers  - 8×2 9×2
Lifting System  Luffing Type - Wire Rope Luffing  Wire Rope Luffing 
Operation Mode - Pilot Joystick/Remote Control Pilot Joystick
Boom Boom Length mm 8000 7500
Max Lifting Height mm 7950 6750
Hook Speed m/min 0~16 0~15
Luffing Times  s 25(up)/28(down) 16
Swing Speed rpm 3 3
Clamp Capacity(Pipe Size) mm 1016-1422 /


Equipment Advantage
< Technical Features
1. Adopt large hydraulic excavator chassis,reliable quality
2. Three-rib or double-rib track,nine pairs of heavy wheels,maximum climbing Angle 30 degrees
3. The main pump,rotary motor and walking motor all adopt the German Rexroth solution to ensure the reliable operation of the vehicle hydraulic system 
4. The main valve uses a fully electronically controlled solution for smooth
5. operation and precise optimization
6. 360°full rotation function
7. Platform leveling mode:single-axis bidirectional adjustment
8. Maximum adjustment Angle:bidirectional 18°
9. Operation  mode:manual
10. Transmission mode:hydraulic transmission
11. Locking mode:four-way hydraulic locking valve locking