Crawler Pipelayer

As China Specialist in Pipeline Construction Equipment Manufacturing., Suhigo can offer premium pipelayers or sideboom to help achieve the target of lifting pipe, moving to position and placing pipe. Suhigo Pipelayer Family have full line lifting weight pipelayers equivalent to International Pipelayer brand, size ranging from 25tons to 90tons. With decades experience, all pipelayers are designed to full safety, reliable performance and easy operation.The Pipelayer can work in heavy dust environment and various weather conditions such as rain, snow, and fog.

The whole machine is designed reasonably, with compact structure, easy to deploy, transfer and transport, and suitable for construction sites and general road operations.

When you need to purchase equipment for your bidding, please contact Suhigo - expert in pipeline equipment construction and manufacturing.

Model HGY25 HGY45 HGY70 HGY90
Max Lifting Capacity 25t 45t 70t 90t
Rated Lifting Capacity 20t 38t 59t 77t
Total Weight 22t 35t 49t 55t
Host Machine Dimension(L×W×H)  4135×3050×3245mm 4750×3350×3270mm 5630×3400×3540mm 5630×3436×3540mm
Host Machine Weight 18.5t 26t 37.5t 38.9t
Minimum Ground Clearance 480mm 490mm 550mm 550mm
Max Gradeability 25°
Applicable Temperature -45℃~+60℃
Engine HGY25 HGY45 HGY70 HGY90
Product Model SDEC SC11CB Cummins NT855-C280 NT855-C360 Cummins NT855-C360
Rated Power 120kw / 160hp 169kw /225hp 257kw / 340hp 257kw / 340hp
Rated Speed 1850RPM 2000rpm 2000rpm 2000rpm
Walking System HGY25 HGY45 HGY70 HGY90
Chassis Pipelayer Special Chassis 
Transmission Mode Hydraulic-Mechanical Transmission 
Theoretical speed Forward 3.29/5.28/9.63km/h 3.8/6.8/11.8km/h 3.6/6.6/11.5km/h 3.6/6.6/11.5km/h
Theoretical speed Reverse 4.28/7.59/12.53km/h 4.9/8.5/14.3km/h 4.4/7.8/13.5km/h 4.4/7.8/13.5km/h
Track Gauge  2050mm 2250mm 2380mm 2490mm
Length-Track Shoe  2635mm 3050mm 3620mm 3620mm
Width-Track Shoe  560mm 660mm 760mm 860mm
No. of Carrying Rollers  2×2 2×2 2×2 2×2
No. of Support Rollers  7×2 7×2 9×2 9×2
Lifting System HGY25 HGY45 HGY70 HGY90
 Luffing Type Wire Rope Luffing 
Operation Mode Hydraulic Control Handle 
Boom Length 6000mm 7500 / 8500mm 7600 / 8600mm 8600 / 9600/10500mm
Max Lifting Height 4909mm 6400 / 7400mm 6100 / 7050mm 7050 / 8110/8970mm
Boom Inclination Angle 0~85° 0~86° 0~86° 0~86°
Hook Speed 0~12.0m/min 0~6.2m/min 0~7.0m/min 0~7.0m/min
Luffing Times  25S 20s 32s 40s


Equipment Advantage


1. The high-strength pipelayer special chassis adopts large gauge design to improve the stability of the whole machine

2. Normally closed parking brake, parking automatic brake

3. HQ60 steel box type side boom, strength increase 50%

4. Torque limit system with full function, to ensure lifting safety

5. The lifting system adopts full hydraulic transmission, with good performance


<High Efficiency and Energy Saving 

1. Modular assembly of transmission system to improve efficiency

2. Hydraulic or electric pilot control, stable transmission and simple operation

3. National III emission engine, saving fuel and better environmental protection

4. Fully enclosed cab, cooling and heating a/c for option