Mountain Pipelayer

Pipe layout machine also called mountain pipelayer or hilly pipelayer, specialized for mountain area or hilly area pipeline construction project.The hydraulic clamp can hold the pipe and climb to the construction spot. The hook will help to lifting the big pipe during climbing. When arrive at the work spot, the driving system can be 360° slew and move the pipe to upside of trench, and place the pipe in correct position. The whole set of pipe layout machine is designed based on many years' experience, reasonable design with reliable structures, smart driving system and control systems, fully safety monitoring to avoid tip over or roll over.

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Model HGY40S HGY60S HGY90S
Max Lifting Capacity 40tons / 88,000lbs 60tons / 132,000lbs 80tons / 170,000lbs
Operating Capacity 32tons / 70,500lbs 43.5tons / 96,000lbs 45tons / 100,000lbs
Overall Size 11360×3225×3512mm 12700×3450×3650mm 13000×3200×3750mm
Ground Pressure 68Kpa 82.5Kpa 86Kpa
Max Gradeability 58° 58° 58°
Applicable Temp ’-20℃~+45℃, Altitude<3000m
Engine HGY40S HGY60S HGY90S
Rated Power 205kw/ 275hp 235kw / 315hp 298kw / 400hp
Rated Speed 2000rpm 1800rpm 2100rpm
Travelling System HGY40S HGY60S HGY90S
Operation Control Rod
Theoretical Speed 5.1km/h 6.37km/h 6.0km/h
Length - Track on ground 3780mm 4235mm 3780mm
Width - Track Shoes 610mm 610mm 800mm
Number of Bottom Rollers 2×2 2×2 2×2
Number of Carrying Rollers 8×2 8×2 8×2
Lifting System HGY40S HGY60S HGY90S
Luffing Type Cylinder
Operation Type Hydraulic Joystick
Boom - Length 7000mm 7800mm 8000mm
Boom - Max Lifting Height 6750mm 7750mm 7950mm
Hook Speed 0~15m/min 0~12m/min 0~16m/min
Luffing Time 16s 26s 25/28s
Swing Speed 11rpm 9rpm 6rpm
Applicable Pipe Size 508~914mm 813~1219mm 1016~1422mm


Equipment Advantage
<Technical Features

1. Driving system with 360° hydraulic excavator type chassis, Cummins engine

2. Driving system with abnormal closed type full hydraulic traveling motor, ensure stable slop brake

3. Clamp system adopt mature technology to achieve stable holding performance,  double free clamp

4. Clamp system with high quality of hydraulic lock valve, without leakage

5. Hoisting system with frame type manganese steel boom, reasonable structure

6. Platform leveling system with single shaft, double direction leveling device, adjusting range from -18° to +18°

7. Electrical system with PLC smart control, to avoid overloading, tip over or roll over

8. High technnology video and radar application ensure safety operation