Suhigo has successfully provided rental services of pipelayer and paywelder for many construction enterprises.

It is worth mentioning that our customers have given high praise to the leased equipment and the supporting services we provide. Customer satisfaction is the core indicator of our service, so when we receive feedback from customers who have decided to continue renting, we are deeply pleased and further verify our professionalism and reliability in the field of equipment leasing.

In this leasing project, the efficient performance of the pipelayer and paywelder is particularly outstanding. The pipelayer plays a key role in the construction site, and its precise handling and powerful lifting capacity greatly improve the construction efficiency. The paywelder provides stable and continuous welding power support for the site, ensuring the smooth construction process.

With the successful completion of the current construction project, our equipment has also entered the transition stage. In order to ensure that the equipment can be transferred to the next construction project site in a timely and safe manner, we have developed a thorough transportation plan and assigned experienced technicians to follow up the whole process.
Looking forward to the future, we will continue to uphold the service concept of customer first, and constantly improve our equipment performance and service quality to meet the needs of more construction enterprises.