Two SANY 50-ton truck cranes were successfully delivered to Kuwaiti customers

This transaction not only strengthens our partnership with our customers in the Middle East, but also demonstrates our team's strength in international sales prices for heavy machinery equipment and expertise in comprehensive services.
In the early stage of sales, through many communications with customers, we fully understand the customer's specific requirements for the performance, price and after-sales service, and according to these requirements to provide customers with customized solutions.

After the contract was signed, we immediately initiated transportation preparation work. Since the truck crane is a heavy machinery and has strict requirements for transportation conditions, we work closely with professional international freight companies to develop a thorough transportation plan. We ensure that all necessary export procedures are in place, including export licenses, commodity inspection certificates, and packaging and marking in accordance with the standards of the destination country. At the same time, we also provide customers with detailed shipment progress reports, so that customers can understand the movement of goods in real time.

At present, two 50 ton heavy truck cranes of Sany have been successfully assembled at the port. We continue to work closely with freight carriers to monitor the status of shipments and ensure they arrive safely and on time at Kuwaiti ports. In addition, we are also preparing for subsequent on-site installation and commissioning and customer training to ensure that customers can successfully put the two devices into use.

Through this sales and transportation work, we not only accumulated valuable international market experience, but also exercised the team's cooperation and adaptability. We will take this opportunity to further improve the quality of service, expand the international market, and create greater value for the company.