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    Transport and Generation
    Pay Welder

    Pay Welder

    Paywelder also called Welding Tractor, it is designed for automatic pipeline welding system in remote areas. Suhigo provide different model paywelders to serve ...

    Wetland PayWelder

    Wetland PayWelder

    HG-L series wetland mobile power station (also called Wetland Paywelder) is a mobile welding engineering vehicle developed by Suhigo, specialized for water netw...

    Mountain PayWelder

    Mountain PayWelder

    Mountain mobile power station (also called mountain pay welder) is designed to meet the needs of welding power in mountain areas

    Tracked Carrier

    Tracked Carrier

    HGTC160 Tracked Carrier also called Paywelder in some regions. It is multi-purpose tractor designed as transportation vehicle for pipeline welding systems and o...


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    • E-mail:sales@suhigo.com
    • Tel:+86-17633163387 (Whatsapp)
    • Add:No.18 Yaohua Road, Development District Langfang City.

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