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  • Hydraulic bending mandrel

    Pipe Facing Machine

    8" to 56" pipe diameter facing machine can be available.

    Machining any kinds of bevels accurately.

    High speed beveling, high efficiency and energy saving

    Big cutting volume, average using time for each pipe end is 1 to 2 min.

    Hydraulic unit driving by diesel engine be used for onshore pipeline construction

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    Facing machine is a special pipe orifice processing equipment for long distance pipeline construction. It can process any kinds of bevels quickly to meet different welding craft demands, instead of manual beveling to get higher efficiency. It is also a necessary matching tool for internal welding or fully automatic welding. Electrical engine power unit is also special designed for offshore pipeline construction, which can reduce pollution for vessel cabin.

    Technical Parameters of Suhigo Pipe Facing Machine:

    Pipe size(in)8~1416~2424~3032~4036~4848~56
    Pipe Thickness (mm)10~2210~2214.6~3014.6~3014.6~5014.6~50
    Shaft Speed (rpm)0~400~400~400~400~400~40
    Shaft Feed (mm/min)
    Tool apron qty2~33~44444
    Cutting Stroke (mm)909090909090
    Transmission type
    Hydraulic motor or electric drive
    Feed transmissionHydraulic Cylinder
    Weight (t)
    Hydraulic Power Station
    HPS45 /45kwHPS45 /45kwHPS82 /82kwHPS154 /154kwHPS154 /154kwHPS154 /154kw

    Technical Features of Suhigo Pipe Facing Machine:

    1) Adopt flexible transmitting system to combine hydraulic power plant and machine set to meet moving standard

    2) Main driving system adopt hydraulic driving and mechanism transmitting driving rotate plate, which can conquer impacts of load and impact wave. features high rigid, and stable and reliable cutting.

    3) Feeding transmitting system adopt hydraulic system. features high feeding precision and big force.

    4) Main transmitting and feeding movement adopt closed type feedback system, features high bevel volume and high efficiency.

    5) The overall system adopt pilot hydraulic control and plate control components, features simple, high automatics, reliable, easy operation and maintenance.

    6) Clean type quick coupler could reduce pollute hydraulic oil.

    7) Diesel engine is mounted with throttle automatic adjusting device, except beveling works, diesel engine will be in idle speed situation, could greatly save energy.

    8) System own temperature compensating function, with quick response ability.

    9) Hydraulic system owns pre-heating and cooling function, which could suitable for very cold or hot, wet area, which could improve work efficiency.


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