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  • Hydraulic bending mandrel

    Pipe Bending Machine & Mandrel

    Operation of all devices in pipe bender is controlled by the hydraulic system, safe and convenient

    Choose water cooled or air cooled diesel engine to customer requirement

    Hydraulic systemadopt unique preheating and cooling system, improve effeciency

    Suitable to bending production of threaded pipe, ERW pipe, seamless pipe etc.

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    The pipe bending machine is composed of steel frame, lower mold, upper mold, fixture, hydraulic system and mandrel. Its working principle is to make the steel pipe plastic deformation and realize the cold bending of the steel pipe by determining the reasonable fulcrum and stress point and applying bending torque. During bending operation, various large-diameter steel pipes within the applicable range can be cold bent by replacing the die kit and corresponding mandrel.


    HGCB series vertical hydraulic pipe bending machine (also called pipe bender) is a specialized equipment for pipeline construction, it is designed and manufactured by Suhigo after introducing advanced technology; the design also considered the actual jobsite operation conditions to make it more user friendly.

    Suhigo pipe bending machine is defined according to the pipe diameter, we have 6 models pipe bender to fit for 6~56in pipelines application. At the same time, Suhigo manufacturer mandrel, key component of vertical hydraulic pipe bender.

    Technical Parameters of Suhigo Bening Machine:

    Pipe Size6~20in16~30in22~36in28~40in36~48in48~56in
    Engine Power46kw77kw118kw132kw160kw160kw
    Master cylinder2-220x160mm2-280x200mm4-320x230mm4-360x250mm4-450x560mm4-360x560mm
    Lift cylinder2-180x63mm2-200x80mm4-220x90mm4-250x100mm4-280x200mm4-280x200mm
    Hydraulic winch tension1.5 ton3 ton7 ton7 ton8 ton12 ton
    Weight10 tons21 tons42 tons50 tons68 tons93 tons

    Technical Features of Suhigo Bening Machine:

    1) The operation of all devices is controlled by the hydraulic system, safe and convenient

    2) Adopt Cummins national three emission diesel engine and power pack, and low-temperature preheating system can be selected for option, with reliable performance and can adapt to severe work conditions.

    3) The hydraulic system adopts top brand components such as Rexroth, and adopts unique preheating and cooling system, which improves the working efficiency and prolongs the service life.

    4) The pipe bending operation can be carried out for pipes of different sizes within the scope of application of the pipe bending machine only by replacing the pipe bending die kit and the corresponding mandrel, the replacement is simple and convenient.

    5) The whole machine has simple and reasonable structure and easy maintenance. The steel frame made of high-strength steel has long service life and excellent low temperature resistance.

    6) Traction crawler walking device or wheel walking device (both are optional) is suitable for field operation, can be selected to the actual working environment.


    Hydraulic Mandrel Parameters:

    ModelDrivePowerOperation PressureTotal extend powerStrokeDimensionWeight
    HGYN16-18Hydraulic Motor x 13hp16Mpa1147KN80mm2406x310x316mm600kg
    HGYN20-22Hydraulic Motor x 13hp16Mpa1147KN80mm2406x437x414mm640kg
    HGYN22-24Hydraulic Motor x 17hp16Mpa1147KN80mm2600x400x440mm950kg
    HGYN24-26Hydraulic Motor x 17hp16Mpa1147KN80mm2600x400x490mm1000kg
    HGYN28-30Hydraulic Motor x 220hp16Mpa1562KN100mm3000x500x580mm1800kg
    HGYN30-32Hydraulic Motor x 220hp16Mpa1562KN130mm3000x500x710mm2300kg
    HGYN34-36Hydraulic Motor x 220hp16Mpa1562KN130mm3500x580x680mm2500kg
    HGYN36-38Hydraulic Motor x 220hp16Mpa2040KN150mm3500x580x730mm2600kg
    HGYN40-42Hydraulic Motor x 220hp16Mpa2040KN150mm3600x710x810mm2700kg
    HGYN46-48Hydraulic Motor x 220hp16Mpa2040KN150mm3600x780x950mm2900kg
    HGYN48-50Hydraulic Motor x 232hp16Mpa3188KN170mm3800x850x950mm3200kg
    HGYN52-54Hydraulic Motor x 232hp16Mpa3857KN170mm3800x850x1100mm3600kg
    HGYN56Hydraulic Motor x 232hp16Mpa3857KN170mm3800x980x1170mm4000kg
    HGYN60Hydraulic Motor x 232hp16Mpa4981KN170mm4000x980x1250mm4300kg

    The inclined block mandrel is suitable for the manufacture of 16 "~ 60" pipe bender. It realizes the expansion function through the relative movement of the inclined block, provides constraints for the pipe wall and prevents the deformation of bending pipe. At the same time, through its self-propelled function, it can realize the flexible movement of mandrel in the steel pipe.

    Technical Features of mandrel:

    1) Base mandrel can be converted to a larger size by using the conversion kit.

    2) Self-propelled available from 16"to 60'

    3) Polyurethane coated backing bars and wheels to protect internally coated pipe.

    4) Simple design and few parts results in low maintenance cost

    5) One man operation for expanding, retracting and traveling.

    6) Double angle hardened steel wedges provide fast approach and powerful locking action.

    7) Wedges will accommodate several wall thicknesses without changing shims

    8) Uses the hydraulic system of the pipe bending machine for power.

    9) Tapered wheels eliminate rolling.


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