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    Pipe Shaping Equipment
    Pipe Facing Machine

    Pipe Facing Machine

    Facing machine is a special pipe orifice processing equipment. It can process any kinds of bevels quickly to meet different welding craft demands, instead of ma...

    Pipe Bending Machine & Mandrel

    Pipe Bending Machine & Mandrel

    HGCB series vertical hydraulic pipe bending machine is a specialized equipment for pipeline construction, it is designed and manufactured by Suhigo after introd...

    Pipe Flame Cutter

    Pipe Flame Cutter

    HGQE series flame cutting machine adopts aluminum alloy die casting process, light and convenient. The flame cutter driven by DC motor, the speed is uniform and...


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    • E-mail:sales@suhigo.com
    • Tel:+86-17633163387 (Whatsapp)
    • Add:No.18 Yaohua Road, Development District Langfang City.

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