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    Pipe Heating Equipment
    Medium-frequency Heater

    Medium-frequency Heater

    HGZJ series medium frequency heater power supply unit adopt IGBT or MOSFET inverter, and adopt DSP for full digital accurate control, so that it has stronger wo...

    Flame Heater

    Flame Heater

    HGHJ series flame heater is mainly used for pipeline heating. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, simple operation, fast heating...

    Infrared Heater

    Infrared Heater

    HGYJ series infrared heater uses the principle of infrared radiation heating to realize the automatic shrinkage and tempering operation of heat shrinkable belt

    Welded Junction Heating Strip

    Welded Junction Heating Strip

    HGDB series pipeline welded junction electric heating belt is suitable for manual welding, semi-automatic or automatic welding of steel pipelines


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    • E-mail:sales@suhigo.com
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    • Add:No.18 Yaohua Road, Development District Langfang City.

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