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  • Hydraulic bending mandrel

    Conveyor Belt Shifter

    Adopt large gauge chassis to achieve high strength and lower ground pressure

    Wire rope luffing or oil cylinder luffing

    Hydraulic moving head to get stable operation

    Boom length can be customized

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    PYS70 Conveyor Belt Shifter (CBS) adopts special chassis with large gauge and high strength, equipped with hydraulic clamping moving head and relevant safety devices. It is mainly used for the lateral movement of conveyor belt in mining; the machine can also carry out lifting operation.

    Suhigo Conveyor Belt Shifter (CBS) mainly composed of engine, transfer case, hydraulic torque converter, planetary power shift gearbox, final drive and crawler walking device. The hoisting system adopts hydrostatic open system transmission, which is mainly composed of left and right brackets, boom, combined winch, pulley block, moving head, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve block, torque limit device, moving head monitoring, etc.

    Suhigo Conveyor Belt Shifter (CBS) can adapt to the ambient temperature of - 40 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃, the altitude below 3600m, the environment with less than 5% sand and dust in the air, as well as the working environment of rain, snow, fog and other weather.

    Whole machine has reasonable design, compact structure, easy dispatch, transfer and transportation, can meet China's railway transportation and self crawling flat trailer transportation, suitable for conveyor belt moving operation and general lifting operation.

    Technical Parameters of Suhigo CBS PYS70 Conveyor Belt Shifter:

    Hydraulic Moving Head
    Max Lifting Capacity
    16 tons
    Single Movement Distance1000 mm
    Lifting Height300 mm
    Work Pressure14 Mpa
    Recommended Moving Speed8 km/h
    Max Moving Speed11.5 km/h
    ModelCummins NTA855-C360
    Rated Power
    239kw /2000rpm
    Displacement14.1 L
    Cylinder diameter139.7mm
    ModeIn line 6 cylinders
    Electrical System
    2x120Ah /12V
    RemarkTurbocharged, in-line water cooled
    Transmission System
    Walking Transmission
    Hydraulic torque converter
    Planetary transmission gearbox
    Service brakeMulti-disc wet
    Parking brakeNormally closed
    Working part transmissionFull hydraulic transmission
    Main pump displacement200ml/r
    Max work pressure20Mpa
    Walking System
    Number of Carrying Rollers
    Number of Support rollers9x2
    Number of front idlers1x2
    Walking Speed- Forward3.6 / 6.6 / 11.3km/h
    Walking Speed- Reverse4.4 / 7.8 / 13.5km/h

    Technical Features of Suhigo CBS PYS70 Conveyor Belt Shifter:

    1) Adopt high-strength connection structure to ensure the whole machine has sufficient stiffness during lifting

    2) Adopt large gauge design chassis to improve the stability of the whole machine and make it more suitable for the lifting load condition on the side of the moving machine.

    3) 9 supporting rollers are distributed on each side, with large bearing capacity, high temperature resistance and adaptability to the working conditions of the relocation machine.

    4) Equipped with hydraulic clamping moving head. The clamping force and clamping angle adjustable, can adapt to the rail specification of 50-75kg/m. The maximum lifting capacity is 16t, the maximum lifting height is 300mm, the maximum moving distance is 1000mm, and can adapt to the moving of conveyor belt with width less than 2500mm.


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