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  • Hydraulic bending mandrel

    Pipe Layer

    Adopt large gauge chassis to improve the stability of the whole pipelayer

    Walking System adopts mechanical transmission and level operation

    Working device adopts hydraulic transmission, joystick operation

    Complete safety devices to ensure lifting safety

    ROPS/FOPS structure with certificate for option

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    • Specification
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    As China Specialist in Pipeline Construction Equipment Manufacturing., Suhigo can offer premium pipelayers or sideboom to help achieve the target of lifting pipe, moving to position and placing pipe. Suhigo Pipelayer Family have full line lifting weight pipelayers equivalent to International Pipelayer brand, size ranging from 25tons to 90tons. With decades experience, all pipelayers are designed to full safety, reliable performance and easy operation, can work flexible with different size pipeline construction projects throughout the globle.  Up to now, Suhigo have worked with Oil Construction companies of CNPC, Sinopec and CPP.

    Looking to acquire brand new pipelayers or sidebooms for your tender ? Check out the latest introduction of Pipelayers from Suhigo. Except for brand new pipelayers, we may have some used pipelayers in stock with good quality, welcome to contact us for more information.

    Technical Parameters of Suhigo Pipelayer:

    Max Lifting Capacity
    25tons / 55000lb
    45tons/ 100,000lb70tons/ 154,000lb90tons / 200,000lb
    Rated Lifting Capacity20tons / 44000lb38tons/ 83,000lb59tons/ 130,000lb77tons / 170,000lb
    Operating Weight22tons / 48500lb35tons/ 77,000lb49tons/ 108,000lb55tons / 121,000lb
    Overall Size
    4150 x 3050 x 3250mm
    4855 × 3384 × 3270mm5630 x 3400 x 3540mm5630×3436×3540mm
    Transportation Weight21.5tons
    Ground pressure76.4Kpa
    Min Ground Clearance480mm490mm550mm550mm
    Max Climbing Ability25°25°25°25°
    Applicable Temp-45℃~+60℃-45℃~+60℃-45℃~+60℃-45℃~+60℃
    SDEC SC11CBCummins NT855-C280NT855-C360Cummins NT855-C360
    Rated Power
    120kw / 160hp169kw /225hp257kw / 340hp257kw / 340hp
    Rated Speed1850RPM2000rpm2000rpm2000rpm
    Travelling System
    Speed (Forward)3.29 / 5.28km/h3.6 / 6.6km/h3.6 / 6.6km/h3.6 / 6.6km/h
    Speed (Reverse)4.28 / 7.59km/h
    4.3 / 7.7km/h4.4 / 7.8km/h4.4 / 7.8km/h
    Track Gauge2050mm
    Length- Track on ground
    Width- Track Shoes560mm
    Number of Bottom Rollers
    Number of Carrying Rollers7×27×29×29×2
    Lifting System
    Variable Mode
    Wire Rope LuffingWire Rope LuffingWire Rope LuffingWire Rope Luffing
    Operation Mode
    Hydraulic Control, JoystickHydraulic Control, JoystickHydraulic Control, JoystickHydraulic Control, Joystick
    Boom-Length6000mm7500 / 8500mm7600 / 8600mm8600 / 9600mm
    Boom-Lifting Height4909mm6100 / 7050mm7600 / 8600mm7050 / 9600mm
    Boom Angle0~85°0~86°0~86°0~86°
    Hook Speed (6~8times rate)
    Luffting Time (4~5times)25S

    Technical Features of Suhigo Pipelayer:

    1) The high-strength pipelayer special chassis adopts large gauge design to improve the stability of the whole machine, making it more suitable for the side lifting condition

    2) Complete safety devices to ensure lifting safety

    3) Smooth transmission system

    4) The hoisting system adopts full hydraulic transmission, with stable transmission and good fretting performance

    5) Simple and convenient operation; Strong adaptability


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