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  • Hydraulic bending mandrel

    Multi-Function Tractor

    Adopt Atlas air compressor, reliable and durable

    Equipped with freezing dryer and air storage tank to ensure stable and dry air source

    High power sand recovery and filtration device to ensure the recycling of sand

    The intelligent temperature control system can accurately control the temperature rise and insulation process,

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    • Specification
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    Multi-Function Tractor is the combination of Sandblasting Tractor and Medium Frequency Heating Tractor; it adopts special hydrostatic chassis with Cummins brand diesel engines and advanced LS control mode or closed transmission, reliable and high efficiency. 

    The multi-function tractor consists of medium frequency heating power supply, heating induction clamp, sand storage tank, sandblasting clamp, air compressor, generator, crane lifting system.  For standard design, Suhigo install 2sets of crane in the tractor to serve for the sandblasting device and heating device individually. 

    Technical Parameters of Suhigo Multi-Function Tractor:

    Overall Weight14.5 tons
    Overall Dimension6985 x 2800 x 3430mm
    Grade Ability35%
    Ground Clearance490mm
    Walking System
    Engine154kw / 2200rpm / National III emission
    Transmission modeFull Hydraulic
    Theoretical Speed- Low0~2.9km/h
    Theoretical Speed- High0~4.6km/h
    Track Gauge2120mm
    Length- Track on ground3400mm
    Width- Track Shoes600mm
    Rated Capacity160KVA
    Rated Voltage/Frequency220V/380V/50hz
    TypeDirect Connection
    Crane (Middle Position)
    Theoretical Lifting Moment8.4 TM
    Lifting Weight4 Tons
    Max Outreach8m
    TypeStraight Arm
    Crane (Rear Position)
    Theoretical Lifting Moment6.8 TM
    Lifting Weight3.2 Tons
    Max Outreach8.3m
    TypeFolding Arm

    Technical Parameters of Sandblasting Device:

    Applicable  Pipe Size168~1422mm
    Spray gun qty2
    Applicable abrasiveSteel sand
    Rated Air Pressure0.6~0.8Mpa
    Derusting gradeSA2.5 Grade
    Axial travel speed0~2500mm/min
    Circumferential travel speed0~4000mm/min
    Axial amplitude50~600mm Continuously adjustable
    Circumferential amplitude20~80mm Continuously adjustable
    Sand loading VolumeMin 260kg

    Technical Parameters of Air Compressor and Sand Recycling System:

    Air CompressorAtlas brand Screw type compressor
    Rated air output rate10m3/min
    Rated air pressure1.4Mpa
    Air Storage tank volume300L
    DryerFreezing dryer

    Technical Paremeters of Medium frequency induction power supply:

    Rated Power80 / 100 / 120 / 160kw for option
    Power adjustable range0~100%


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