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    Anti Corrosion Equipment
    SandBlasting Tractor

    SandBlasting Tractor

    HGP automatic sand blasting tractor adopts hydrostatic drive chassis. The sandblasting tractor is equipped with environment-friendly sand blasting device, sand ...

    Mid Frequency Heating Tractor

    Mid Frequency Heating Tractor

    HGZ series medium frequency heating Tractor adopts hydrostatic drive chassis, equipped with advanced LS control mode or closed transmission, with high transmiss...

    Multi-Function Tractor

    Multi-Function Tractor

    Multi-Function Tractor is the combination of Sandblasting Tractor and Medium Frequency Heating Tractor; it adopts special hydrostatic chassis with Cummins brand...


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    • E-mail:sales@suhigo.com
    • Tel:+86-17633163387 (Whatsapp)
    • Add:No.18 Yaohua Road, Development District Langfang City.

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