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  • Suhigo rental service to Jilin North Construction

    Suhigo mainly has two business, rental service and sales service. With stable quality and reasonable price, we gain good reputation in China and has no-stop rental services to support many projects in oil/gas pipeline construction project. Among them, Jilin North Construction is one of important customer.  Recently, we rent 2sets of side boom pipelayers, 8sets of paywelders, several sets of pipe welding tent to Jinlin North Construction. The project location is in Xinye County of Nanyang City, Henan Province.

    Suhigo rental service to Jilin North Construction- Pipelayer rental service.jpg

    Side boom pipelayer is converted from Bull dozer, and has parts including counterweight blocks, side boom, pulley blocks, and bull dozer. Most of China Side boom pipelayer manufacturer don’t manufacture bull dozer, and source from China top brand bull dozer manufactures; We do the same. With big purchase quantity of bull dozer each year, we can get competitive price and good support from bull dozer manufacturers.

    Besides, we are developing the 360degree rotation fully hydraulic pipelayer, much flexible and very convenient for transit (No need disassembly the side boom). This is equivalent to Volve PL3005D pipelayer.

    Suhigo rental service to Jilin North Construction- Paywelder rental service.jpg

    All in all, there are not too many pipeline construction equipment manufacturer from China, and reputation is the most important. The principle of Suhigo is quality first and price second. With so many years’ experiences in design, production and service of high quality pipelayer, Suhigo has gain well known reputation in China. At the same time, we are on the way to explore the overseas market. If you came cross with Suhigo, and need any support regarding pipelayers, welcome to drop email to us:  sales-2@suhigo.com.


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