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  • Sandblasting tractor and medium frequency heating tractor service for Jianghan Oil Construction in Jiangmen

    Pipeline construction is normally working in remote areas, no road, no water source, no power source. The work condition require each machinery self driven with engines. Crawler type dozer side boom is equipped with Cummins Engine,  Pay welder self driven with Cummins Engine.  Paywelders, sandblasting tractors and medium frequency heating tractors, they are actually combination of different configurations according to customer requirement. The base is flatbed carrier, and many overseas customer prefer to this kind of flatbed carrier because they can put whatever they need.  Example, they may only need to work as generator, and they only need to put brand new or used generator to the flatbed carrier.


    Market of China maybe a little different from the overseas market. We normally offer complete set-in different options.

    • Option 1: Flatbed carrier only, with Cummins Engine for self-driven.

    • Option 2: Paywelder, to put generator to the flatbed carrier.

    • Option 3: Sandblasting tractor:  To put generator, sand blasting device to the carrier

    • Option 3: Medium-frequency heating tractor: To put generator, medium-frequency heating device to the flatbed carrier.

    • Option 4: We can customize the devices required for the flatbed carrier, and make it workable perfectly to customer.


    Sinopec Petroleum Engineering & Construction Jianghan Corporation is short for Jianghan Construction. We have supported many oil pipeline construction and gas pipeline construction in previous years. Jianghan Construction has tried our pipelayers, paywelders, sandblasting tractors etc. They are very familiar with our pipeline construction equipment. And we build mutual trust on each other through the many years’ cooperation.


    In recently project in March of 2022, we supported 2sets sandblasting tractor and 3sets medium-frequency heating tractor.  The working performance was as good as the previous projects. We are China leading manufacturer in the design and produce of pipelayers and paywelders, If you are in need of any pipeline construction equipment, welcome to contact us freely.  


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