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  • A fleet of pipelayer ready for delivery to site

    Some maintenance in our factory, we checked the lubricating oil, rubber hose, connector, engine and other components. After ensuring the good working performance of the pipelayer, we signed another rental service contract from Sinopec Sub Contracting company.

    Pipelayer, full name is Side boom Pipelayer is composed of bull dozer chassis, side boom, drive cabin, counterweight blocks, lifting winch and luffing winch. The side boom pipelayer has been working for the market for decades. In China, there are 3 brand of bull dozer chassis manufacturer, that is Shantui Bull Dozer, Xuangong Bull dozer and Pengpu Bull dozer.  We have built long term partnership with Shantui brand, and we can get agreement price to support our business growth, and to support the customers in a better way. Not only our company, some old brand pipelayer factory also source the bull dozer chassis from outside, and assembly and test run in their fields. After making sure the pipelayer can work well, it will be delivered to customers.

     360 reach hydraulic pipelayer for west africa.jpg

    Suhigo is China brand manufacturer with headquarter and factory located in Wuqing District of Tianjin city. Suhigo also based in UAE and West Africa to serve the middle east market and Africa market better. With rich experience in the design and management, with strict quality control principles, Suhigo pipeline construction equipment has been serving the customers in good reputation. In China, we have many projects with Sinopec and CNPC; we also exported many pipeline construction machinery to Middle East and Asia Countries.


    Except for Side boom bull dozer pipelayer, we can also make 360 reach pipelayer with excavator chassis technology. Recently, we have one big project for Africa, that is 360 reach hydraulic pipelayer. This type pipelayer can work much better in Medium Station of pipeline construction, won't go back and forth to the crushing station.


    Welding Tractor also called paywelder is another good product with reliable generating capacity. We also have lots of rental business in welding tractors. We can also support customers with sales service or rental service both in China and overseas areas.

    Suhigo welding tractor rental service to Sinopec.jpg


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