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  • 3sets of Pipelayer exported to Suhigo Rental UAE

    In order to better support the project in UAE, we will delivery 3sets 45tons pipelayer to UAE. The pipelayer will be used for rental service in the first half year.  When it is finish the rental service, the pipelayer can be sold to customers.


    Pipelayer also called side boom pipelayer, it is converted from bull dozer of Shantui brand. Side boom. The pipelayer consist of chassis, counterweight bracket, counterweight blocks, hydraulic oil wrench, side boom, pully blocks, driver cab, etc.


    Besides, we also have 8sets pipelayer working in UAE for CPP. The rental service will be end by end of this year. The customer in need of used pipelayer can contact us.

    3set side boom pipelayer ready for delivery.jpg

    3sets of pipelayer ready delivery to UAE.jpg


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