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  • Suhigo is certified Factory to offer reliable pipeline construction equipment and service. With Production License of Special Equipment, we can legally produce pipelayers.
  • Suhigo can offer full line of pipeline construction equipment including pipelayer, paywelder, sandblasting tractor, internal line-up clamp, pipe facing machine, pipe bending machine etc.
  • With rich jobsite experience, Suhigo is always in the forefront of technology update and equipment optimization.

    Langfang Haigong Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd (Brand name: Suhigo) is a professional manufacturer of pipeline construction machinery based in China. Company has obtained High Technology Enterprise Certificate, Pipeline Equipment R&D Center, ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO45001 Certificates, and Europe CE. High-tech enterprise certificate of China, can help us to save tax and benefit more to customers. Besides, we also obtained Production License of Special Equipment which is a necessary certificate to produce pipelayers. 

    Suhigo Certificates list details as follows: 

    1)ISO9001:2015 quality management system certificate

    2)ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certificate

    3)ISO45001:2018 occupational HSE Certificate

    4)CE certification etc. 

    5)  Production License of Special Equipment

    Suhigo Products covers almost all pipeline construction equipment or machinery. Besides, Suhigo also provide consulting service and repair service for other brand pipeline construction machinery. 

    Suhigo product list details as follows:

    1)Hoisting equipment: Pipelayer or sideboom, pipe layout machine, pipe carrier

    2)Mining equipment: Mining relocation machine

    3)Transport and generation equipment: Pay welder, Wetland paywelder, Mountain Paywelder, Tracked Carrier

    4)Anti-corrosion equipment: Sandblasting tractor, mid frequency heating tractor, multi-function tractor

    5)Pipe heating equipment: Medium-frequency heater, flame heater, infrared heater, welded junction heating strip

    6)Pipe shaping machine: Pipe facing machine, pipe bending machine & mandrel, pipe flame cutter

    7)Counterpart equipment: Pneumatic internal clamp, copper lined internal clamp, air protected internal clamp, External clamp

    8)Pipe tools: pipe roller cradle, pipe welding tent.

    Suhigo machinery has served lots of large pipeline construction companies and national pipe network companies such as Xinjiang Oil Construction, Liaohe Oil Construction, Sichuan Oil Construction, CPP, CPECC, Shengli Oil Construction, Henan Oil Construction, Jiangsu Oil Construction, Jianghan Oil Construction etc. Besides, Suhigo product have been exported to Russia, Middle Asia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, South America.

    • 5Certificates
      ISO9001, 14001, 18001, CE
    • 100Employees
      Experienced and hard working
    • 500Pipelayers
      Annual production capacity
    • 100Customers

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